Saturday, May 21, 2016

楊乃文 Faith Yang《我給的愛》The love that I gave

Faith Yang

The love that I gave


深夜的風 冷冷無情 覺得夜昏暗
The winds that blow at night, cold and merciless, make the night feels a little dusky and dimmed
腳邊煙蒂 散落一地 像是我的心
The cigarette ashes scattered all over the floor, by the feet, just like my heart
被風吹起 吹到那裡 我在那裡 沒有目的 
Blown away by the winds, to where I am, without any destination

我給的愛 要不回來
The love that I gave, I can't take them back
你說過的話 我不曾忘記
I never forget every word that you said
But you've left

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