Monday, May 30, 2016

蕭亞軒 Elva Hsiao《我愛你那麼多》I love you so much

Elva Hsiao

I love you so much


看黑夜天空 想起你的手 指過的那個星球
Looking at the sky at night, I thought of the star you once pointed with your finger
淚已不常流 因為已接受 分開了 你是快樂的
I don't cry that much anymore because I have accepted that you're much happier after separation

There are still many people who are unhappy
至少你不是其中一個 在我退出後
At least you're not one of them (since I left)

我愛你那麼多 所以那麼痛 當我發現我 擋在你逐愛的途中
I love you so much, that' why it hurts so much when I found out that I'm blocking your way to finding true love
我愛你那麼多 愛得那麼痛 每次入睡後 都作了同一個夢 你轉身輪廓
I love you so much, it hurts as much as I love you. I have the same dream every time I fall into sleep - the silhouette of your body when you turn away

命運暗示過 你的愛永遠 像那顆遙遠的星球
Destiny has actually hinted, that your love is as far as the star you once pointed
你是誠實的 我現在明白了 受傷了 人才會成熟
You're just being honest, I now understand that people will only get stronger after getting hurt

I never knew I was so fragile
當我發現不敢再愛了 那一刻才懂
I only knew it when I realized I am afraid to love again

The star you once pointed
Just a like a dream I would never reach

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